Our Organisation - Premier Chems (India) is another subsidiary company of the Premier Group. The company is into manufacturing of speciality Chemicals to cater various industries like Pharma, Food, Textile, Leather, etc. The company is also steadily picking up its manufacturing capacity for Herbal Extracts and Natural Food Colours.

Our Vision – Recognition as one of the best organisation measured by customer’s satisfaction and employee’s pride.

Quality Policy - We at Premier Chems, are committed to design, develop manufacture and deliver products conforming to international standards or as per customer specifications in order to fulfil their requirements on performance, quality reliability and safety at the optimum cost. Premier Chems quality philosophy calls upon all employees to strive for continuously improving the technological competence, manufacturing efficiency & zero error application performance at optimum cost. To us, Quality is paramount and is all pervading through our people. We are working towards achieving ISO 9000 certification.

Quality Assurance - Our Quality Assurance System is one of the most stringent in the industry. Our laboratories are equipped with advanced testing and measurement instruments and are manned by trained and seasoned professionals. This infrastructure enables us to offer consistency, batch after batch. It also enables us to develop special customised products. Operations are closely monitored by lab technicians, from the procurement stage to the time of delivery of the final product. End product applications are simulated at our laboratories to evaluate product performance.

R & D – Research & Development is an on going process at Premier Chems & new uses and processes are continuously being looked into. The staff at Premier Chems is of the firm belief that there is always something new to learn everyday & this process is never finished. It is because of this that there is a strong urge to provide the best to all its customers & settling for nothing but the best. In pursuit of excellence, our R&D personnel have developed the industry’s finest coating polymers and are in the process of constantly improving upon our products for achieving highest degree of performance. Achievements are in the form of polymer production technology, formulation improvements, food colours and herbal extracts. It is the department that tirelessly strives for the advancement.

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Our Products -

I. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Polycoat
    Pharma Coating Polymer -
    "Methacrylic Acid Co-polymers USP/NF"
  • Viscopol
    Pharma & Cosmetic Thickener -
    "Carbomer  USP/NF
  • Polytex
    Textile Printing Thickener -
    Water Soluble Polyacrylic acid
  • Polacrilin K100
    Tablet Disintegrant -
    "Polacrilin Potassium USP/NF"

II. Herbs & Herbal Extracts

Our products include Aloe Vera, Withania Somnifera, Coleus Forskholin, Garcina Cambogia, Boswellia Serrata, Mucuna Pruriens, Rauvolfia Serpentina, Curcuma Longa, Gymnema Sylvestre, Boerhaavia Difusa, Costus Speciosus, Vinca Rosea, etc. We at Premier Chems, also undertake custom manufacture of any Herbal Extracts. We at Premier Chems, also undertake custom manufacture of any Herbal Extracts.

III.  Food Colours (Synthetic & Natural)

Nature has pigmented a wide range of colours in eatables, in and around us. Thus, man has developed an instinct to get attracted to food and drinks, which bear pleasant colours. Adding attractive colours can definately enhance the appetizing value of food & drinks; and more so certain colours compliment certain flavour.



 For inquires for Pharmaceutical Chemicals mail us at


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