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Railway has always been the core public sector customer for Premier Spares. The company has been manufacturing spares for the Diesel Locomotives since 1978. The company was awarded National Awards for Import Substitution from the President of India for developing Radiator Fan Assembly for the Indian Railways. Premier had developed this fan on the request of the General Manager of Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi. Till date the company has supplied about 8,000 Nos of such fans to all Zonal Railways and is the only approved manufacturer of this product. Premier has recently been approached by the DLW Authorities for the development of Radiator Cooling Fans for 4000 H.P. General Motors Locomotive. The development is under process.

Besides the fan, Premier has also been manufacturing spares like Traction Motor Blowers, Rotors & Shafts, Gears & Pinions, Couplings, etc. We have also developed a few import substitute spares for Suri Transmission for the ZDM2R Diesel Locomotives like, Torque Converter Assembly, Hydro Fan Pump, Reactionary Shaft, etc.

Premier started manufacturing spares for Electric Locomotives since 1990 as the Indian Railway was converting more of its zonal tracks from diesel to electric. Some of the spares that the company has successfully developed for Electric Locos are RGR Assembly, RPS Assembly, Suspension Bearing Shell, Pantograph Assembly, MVMT Impeller & Dome, Brake Rigging Spares, Tap Changer Spares, Mn.Steel & Bushes, etc.



Radiator Fan Assembly
- AC Cooling Fans for Diesel Locomotives
- Import Subsitution Product
- Fan Dia 60" and 66"
- Speed 1400 rpm, Capacity 1,02,000

Traction Motor Blower Assembly
- High Capacity Blowers for AC/DC Locomotives
- Capacity 16,500 cfm, Rotor Dia 30", Speed 3300 rpm
- Single & Double Blade, Fabricated Casing
Flexible and Gear Type Coupling
- For Diesel Locomotives

Transition Divertor Resistor (RGR)
- For High Speed Electric Locomotives
- Developed as per ABB Standards for Tap Changer
- Resistance 1.61 ohms, Current Rating 77 amp

Resistance Grid Assembly (RPS)
Torque Converter Assembly for Suri Transmission
- Consisting of Impeller, Turbine, Turbine Housing,   
   Reactionary Member
- Import Substitute Product for ZDM2R NG Locomotive
- Made of Aluminium Castings & Dynamically Balanced
Hydrostatic Fan Pump/ Motor
- Import Substitute Product
- Displacement 59.8
- Pressure 420 bar, Fluid Viscosity 1000 (Max)
- Speed - Motor 5600 rpm (Max), Pump 2350 rpm
Pantograph Assembly (Type AM 12)
- For High Speed AC Electric Locomotives
- Robust Design, Vibration & Shock Resistance
- Current Rating 400 amp, Operating Voltage 25Kv-50Hz
Guide Bush & Guide Ring
- For Carraiges & Wagons
- Material - Acetal Homopolymer
- Injection Moulding Component
Suri (Imported) Transmission Spares for NG Locos
- Hollow Input & Output Shaft
- Reactionary Shaft
- Roller Clutch Cage
Closed Die Forged Components
- Lock Spikes
- Rail Clips
- Rail Joints

  • After Cooler Blower Assembly
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor Fan
  • Suspension /Axle Bearing Shell
  • Slack Adjuster Assembly
  • Seat Valve Lever
  • Brake Rigging Spares for WAG-5 & Wag-7 Locomotives
  • Nozzle Cooling Sleeves
  • Axle Box
  • Impellers, Blowers, Rotors
  • Brake Blocks
  • Forged Valves, Flanges and Pipe Fittings
  • Manganese Pins, Bushes and Liners
  • Shafts, Gears, Pinions and Other Spares

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